Everything’s coming up Milhouse

Yep, that’s the first line that popped on my head recently when Dave said it felt like things were coming together too easily. I swear the Simpsons have a line for every life situation.

We have accepted an offer on our house, conditional on a home inspection which is next week. We sold to people we know and we are sooooo excited for them. I think they will love the house as much as we do, and be great neighbours for the couple next door (which was really important for us, because we have the best neighbours in the entire universe). They are seriously the best buyers we could have hoped for, and it makes the fact that I’ll miss this house just a bit easier.

We also found our next house. It’s a nice backsplit in a small town, walking distance to the arena, soccer fields, park and splash pad. It’s also only seven minutes down the road from my parents, which is super exciting. Lucy will have lots of gardening to do this summer, and chickens to tame… And I’ll get pony time much more often! I can’t even contain my excitement.

So, in the words of Bart Simpson, “There’s only one thing to do at a moment like this: strut!”


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