Cat’s out of the bag

So I am sure most of you assumed there was a reason behind selling our house beyond ‘we want to live closer to family’.

We DO want to live closer to family, but we aren’t making Dave commute just for that. As most of you guessed, Dave has accepted a new job. He didn’t have it officially signed and his resignation in until the end of last week, so we were being pretty vague with details when anyone asked.

It was hard keeping quiet and basically telling lies of omission to our friends, but we needed to have our ducks in a row. So, sorry friends, I really do strive to be honest with you all 100% if the time!

Dave’s new position is an entirely new opportunity and direction for him, and I think he will really enjoy a change of pace and new challenge. He excels in everything I’ve seen him try, so I’m very excited for him!


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