Hi everyone,

I’ve been pretty quiet on here, we’ve been busy bees around here. We made the tough decision to list our house for sale and we’ve been busy getting it ready and attempting to keep it clean (which is tough with a toddler).

There’s varying emotions involved with this decision. We’ve been in this town just over 4 years and the house for three. It was my husband’s first house, and the house where both of our babies came home for the first time. We’ve had wonderful neighbours too, and have met some really great friends. But all chapters in life come to an end, and we’re ready to make a change.

We have lived 1.5-2hrs from my family for around 5.5 years and we are ready to be close to them again. My kiddos LOVE grandma and grandpa, and their aunts and uncles. They don’t love the drive to visit, which is entirely understandable. So, we don’t have a place yet, but ours is up for sale and has had quite a bit of interest.

Hopefully soon I’ll have a more exciting update for you all!


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