SOLD! via Facebook?

Yes! The house sale is official (well, as of Monday when our lawyer receives the waiver from our buyers), and we are seriously excited! But it also got me thinking, will the internet gradually take over how we sell things?

I’ve bought and sold many things via Facebook. The classifieds on Facebook are vast and so user friendly. With the housing market being hot up here, and there being a shortage of housing… I looked at our options and decided to first list the house on Facebook. Why the heck not? What’s the worst that could happen, it doesn’t sell and I need to get an agent? But if it does sell, then I would be saving us over 10k in commission. Yeah, ten thousand dollars. I’m willing to try for that kind of savings.

And lo and behold, it was a success. The first weekend we had 3 different people look at it, and it just so happened that someone I know was looking for a house and saw the ad.

Now, I’m not saying everyone should do this. I’ve bought and sold a few times now, both using an agent and privately, so I’m pretty comfortable with the process. I’m also a stay at home parent so I have a bit more flexibility in my schedule to show a house to people, and I have a great lawyer who I trust to handle the transaction properly. That being said, if you have time on your side, it’s worth a shot!

It is very interesting to see the way the world has changed in my lifetime, from scouring newspaper ads and garage sales to being able to sell something as large and expensive as a house on a social media website. What’s in store for the next 30+ years?

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